Thursday, 16 February 2012


I have been following Delsin's blog and he was at Westminster Dog Show this week. I thought he would do very well but unfortunately he woz robbed. That judge needs to go to "specsavers". The best in show was a Pekingese so I think that says everything. Here is the link to see him in action, he is number 12.

I also think he should have had bonus points for being the oldest there (9 1/2 years, wow). He definitely looks good for his age. I hope he enjoyed himself despite not winning.


  1. Just thought I'd better mention that it was a good job it wasn't my Jesse that entered coz if he hadn't won I'd have been over there and bit strips out of that judge. Jesse is my number 1. My handsome American Beau.X

  2. Naw, Fizz, although Jesse is one heck of a good looking Berner, Delsin is a truly handsome Berner and I agree, he should have won! thank you so much for putting the link to the show, it was so much fun to see all the Berners. Jesse enjoyed watching too. I also took a peek at the Anatolians, which we are going to have when we get to the ranch full time (livestock guards)- oh course Jesse will be the pack leader. ;) Also tell your mummy that I am working on her idea for the canisters.
    hugs to my best friend's Welsh Princess.