Sunday, 5 February 2012

Snow time.....

 Lots of lovely snow, everywhere.

Roll in it, eat it, chase it and get totally covered in it.

Lots of new friends to play with.

 Mummy didn't take me to the woods as she didn't know how bad it would be there but I did have great fun in the park.

I met an old labrador who had a bright green ball, easy to find that in the snow.

After playing in the snow mummy took me to the pet store and I got lots of fusses and bikits. Mummy bought me a harness so when I go for a walk now I wont have to use a lead which will be a lot nicer on my neck. She also said I wont have to wear my collar either so no more rough fur around my neck. That will be very good for when we go to shows as at the moment mummy has to comb it lots to get it looking good.

Mummy took some video on her phone of me having a "mental moment" in the snow. I hope it plays ok.


  1. oh wow Fizz, i loooooovvvvveeee snow. you are so lucky! we are in california right now, but when i get to colorado full time it will be fun time for me. you look so cute run'n around and play'n- wish i was there with you. - your american beau! jesse

  2. WOW sure looks like you had a blast in the White Stuff, Im from the UK too and we got quite alot, it sure is fun isn't it!! :)

    Teddy xxx