Sunday, 16 April 2017

A battle with a Dragon

We took the chariot to the Kingdom of Farningham again today, we wanted to check on the Trolls that had been chased out of the forest. 

We found their bridge had been re-built, this made us think that they had come back so we went in search of the baby that had been left behind.
The baby was happy & well, a bit older now and able to look after himself. He had re-built his home with the help of some Ogres he had befriended,

So we set off to explore the rest of the forest.

There were lots of Bluebells flowering, they smelt wonderful.

We managed to find a watering hole. The KiT jumped straight in. The Ogre turned the air blue, screaming something about how we had only just had a bath & didn't need another expensive day at the spa. The KiT has been banned to the kitchen now we are home.
Then we turned around to visit the Fairies and were met with utter devastation. What had happened? We knew instantly that there was a Dragon around, no other creature could do this so quickly.
It didn't take us long to find the Dragon. A massive battle ensued but we triumphed. We brought the Dragon down & the forest is now safe.
We made sure all the fires were out but there was just so much that the Dragon had destroyed. It will all eventually grow back but for now it looks desolate.

We had a great day, we are now both very tired so time to catch some ZZZZ's 

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