Tuesday, 18 April 2017

No surprises today, well maybe one

It was lovely weather today so we got to go to the Heath. 
We met some Firemen whilst we were there, there was no fire but we think the were "in training" so we left them alone.

We kept our eyes on them for a while, just to make sure they were ok. 

The Ogre made us pose for photos again. It takes her a long time to get us both looking in the same direction & of course one of us always has to spoil it, usually the KiT.

Just having a little rest before carrying on following the red markers so we don't get lost.

Well the Ogre never managed to get a picture of the running dog but he came pelting around the corner and straight past us. The KiT gave chase & the Ogre started shouting again. 

The KiT got almost out of sight before she finally turned and came back. The Ogre had started running the same direction just in case she didn't stop. The little dog was well out of sight, much faster than the KiT.
We had already visited Katherine the Mermaid's lake, she still hasn't returned & there is only mud left where her lake used to be.

We came out of the wooded area & back to the grass where the sun was still shining.
We met a little black dog which was frightened of us, he said we were too big so we sat down & shared some treats with him to show we were ok. Unfortunately the KiT got bored & started running around so we had to leave.

Hope the weather was nice where you are. Have a lovely day.

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