Monday, 24 April 2017

A new place to walk

On Sunday we went for a walk with thousands of other Berners, it was the Bernese World Wide Walk. 

We went somewhere new to us. It wasn't very far away, not like the beach was when we met up with others before.
This time it was a place called Trosley Country Park.
It was a nice place with parking (you had to pay though) but there were parts where you were near a road.

We took the smaller walk with everyone, around the Woodland Walk. There were some people with walking sticks so they couldn't walk too far & we stayed on the built paths.

We took lots of photos but these are a few with most of us in.

We were very well behaved, especially the KiT. There were lots of areas where you could stop for a rest but we didn't really need it.

The Ogre took lots of pictures of the 2 of us in the Bluebells, they smelt wonderful & there were just so many of them.

After we had all gone round the other ogres decided to go to the cafe & have some food & drinks. We really hadn't walked enough for us so we went back out & took the Downland Trail.

That is when we found the Faeries, hidden away from everyone.

Eventually we made our way back to the car, most of the other ogres had left by this time. We had another long drink then lay down ready for our trip home. By this time we were quite tired out.

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  1. wow! how did i miss this- shame on me, 😘😘😘😘 you two were the prettiest ones there!!!!