Wednesday, 5 June 2013

It's nearly time

We are so hoping to get to go on holiday. The van still has a bit of work to do on it but a man is coming on Friday to fix the electrics, lets hope he can do it otherwise we will not be able to go. Mummy has painted & re-upholstered the seats, it's been painted inside too. Now mummy is making new curtains. She still has to try & figure out how the water works, there doesn't seem to be a pump so she thinks she has to buy an external one.

The cooker works but not the fire or fridge. A very nice company made the paw print stickers for us, we wanted tan but that wasn't one of the choices so mummy picked bronze as she thought that would be nearest, she told them this and guess what? they sent tan ones, they made them all special. Mummy's hoping the Goblin will behave on the trip, she has been very naughty & just doesn't learn. She has pulled some fur out on my neck where she keeps biting me, it's very sore but mummy is making it better.

all scabby

I would much rather play tug than the bitey game.


  1. OMD Fizz the goblin needs to be taught a think or two. Hope your ouchies gets better quickly and also the caravan. Have a wonderful Wednesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. oh no!!, okay i say give that girl a royal bite in the butt! one she will remember. hope your trip is wooftastic!! will be thinking of you hug and licks, kisses and sniffs to you my princess and the goblin. maybe the big guys at Dolyhir will nip some sense into her, ha!

  3. Oh noes Fizz! You need to show the goblin who's the boss!