Thursday, 13 June 2013

The Great Getaway

Well after the man fixed the electrics on the van it was too late to leave on Friday. Mummy also needed to get new tyres so on Saturday morning she started phoning around to try & find some. They all said special order, not till Monday. Oh dear, we were beginning to think we would never get on the road. Then one of them suggested a bigger size that would be ok to use, so off mummy went to get them changed. We both thought she was leaving without us and got very worried, but, eventually she returned. All our stuff then got quickly packed into the van, we got packed into the back of the car and off we went.

The sat nav lady started telling mummy where to go, mummy then told her where to go as she decided she was going to send us across London. Poor mummy had to negotiate traffic & parked cars everywhere. She was not happy. Finally we found the start of the motorway and started moving a lot faster.

Lots of countryside flashed past, then we left the motorway and things slowed down a bit. Up hills, down into valleys, lots of winding roads & plenty of sheep. Eventually we found the caravan site. By this time it was getting dark, the owner wasn't there but he had left his number for mummy to call. He arrived 15 minutes later, with the mains lead he said he would lend us for our stay as we didn't have one. He set us all up & got our power on. He showed us where the water was & the waste disposal.

This is my bed

Mummy then let us into the van & we immediately chose our beds. Mummy put the kettle on & made herself a Malteser drink. Our food bowls & water bowls were filled (we were both very thirsty & hungry by then). Mummy then shoved us both outside so she could make up the bed & when we got back in there was no longer 2 small beds but one BIG bed. We made ourselves comfortable straight away.

BIG bed
After a little while it was lights out and off to sleep. Our first night in a caravan.


  1. Oh my and don't you both look cute. Wow we are so looking forward to reading all about your adventures. Have a terrific Thursday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. It was great to see you all and thanks so much for giving Fizz such a lovely life :)

  3. Wow I love adventures... my M is going away this weekend but she's not allowed to take me :-( that doesn't happen very often. Next weekend its another agility comp so I be sleeping in the tent with M - all snuggly!

    Woofs and licks

  4. woof~ a BIG bed for all of you.... how bartastic is that? i do hope you gave mummy a little room too... arf. hugs, snuggles, and kisses to all. may have to postpone move to CO- so no little one on the horizon yet :(