Monday, 24 June 2013

The day after

The following day we were going to take it easy & have a rest but mummy had other ideas. She had spotted some walks that the nice people who run the campsite had planned out. So after having a little breakfast we all set off up the hill, I was let off lead but the Goblin had to stay on hers as she still won't come back when called. It was rather sunny, although not as hot as the day before, and there wasn't much shade so we took the short walk. Now the wonderful thing about Wales is that wherever you are there are these little springs that just pop up whenever you need a drink. Lovely fresh water, well until the Goblin treads in it & muddys it all up.

The view of the campsite
 We had a lovely view of our campsite, our van is down there somewhere. It was very sunny up here and we found plenty of spring water to drink. We took a walk back down the other side & we came to the Lake. This is where we were allowed to go swim. They have canoes here, too, for humans to go out in, but no one was there so we had the lake all to ourselves.
Lovely cool Lake
 Alongside the Lake was a lovely meadow full of buttercups, both me & the Goblin enjoyed a good sniff around. We could smell sheep but they were in a field on the other side of the fence & we weren't allowed in there.
Meadow of buttercups
 We had another paddle in the Lake before heading back to the van for a bit of a sleep.



  1. Looks like you both are having fun and the weather is holding out. It is supposed to get better too. Enjoy your time in Wales. Have a terrific Tuesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. What a lovely place to walk, have a nice snooze :-)

  3. woof! what a barkrific lake, just the right depth, i would have loved to wade in with you.... did mummy? she should have-ha! wales is soooo beautiful, one day my princess i want to visit you and then you can take me to wales and see your family, wouldn't that be nice? hugs all around- smooches.