Wednesday, 19 June 2013

The great reunion

Well the next day (Sunday) mummy texted Dolyhir to see what time we needed to get there. We had no internet connection so weren't able to check the website. Any way we had our breakfast & a little walk then we set off.

Breakfast time
Mummy used the sat nav lady again & yet again we ended up somewhere we were not wanting to go. It appeared to be a quarry. Well mummy had a few choice words to say to Mrs Sat Nav. Then she said that she bet any money that we needed to be the other side of the hill. So she told Mrs Sat Nav to take us to Burlingjobb, she remembered the name of the town nearest to where I came from & yes, it was right, mummy spotted the telephone box that she turned at when she came to collect me all those years ago.

We got there and very soon saw other cars coming, yippee. I had made it back to my birth place. I was so looking forward to seeing my real mummy & daddy and all my brothers & sisters.

My family
 Then it was time to set off on the Treasure Hunt. We had to follow clues around Dolyhir Land & collect numbers we found. Well it was hard going. It was very hot day & the sun was shinning. There were a few mud patches & we did find little springs dotted here & there. We were both on separate leads at this point so mummy decided to tie us together. The Goblin was being very well behaved & we had lots of fun. She was very good at pulling mummy up the hills and it meant I didn't have to work so hard.

Just the two of us.

 When mummy found some shade she let us have a little rest. There was a big mud patch there to sit in too, so that cooled us down a bit.

The Goblin found the best mud

When we had finished with the hunt it was back to Rock HQ & a wonderful BBQ. There were so many of us there it was a bit of a tight squeeze. One of my brothers (I'm not telling who) had a good lick of the pork that was roasting, he said it was the best he had tasted and he was right. I got to eat some along with some of the sausages & buns. The Goblin found a playmate, so that kept her out of my fur.

The Goblin & Alfie
Eventually the day came to an end. The both of us were pooped out, ready for bed. Mummy said we had eaten enough at the BBQ to not need supper, she was right. We had a little sleep outside the van whilst mummy had a glass of wine & tucked into the lovely chocolates she got given for driving the furthest to get there.


  1. 0h, what fun everyone had, I am so glad you got to go... and the pics are great. Now you guys are official "geodog treasure hunters" woof!! hey mummy, wine and chocolates...yum. :)

  2. What fun hunting for treasure and meeting your family again. Have a wonderful Wednesday.
    Best wishes Molly