Sunday, 10 May 2015

A lovely day

Today we took our walk around Farningham Woods again. Last time the Ogre, not knowing the area, only took us on a short journey, we got to see nothing of the beautiful woods that we saw today.

First off we took the Bluebell walk from the Chariot, the Ogre kept on stopping to admire the view. We found a Troll Bridge & an orphaned baby Troll, it was very sad but we know the baby will be able to look after itself, the fields of food were growing very quickly & the trees all flowering ready to make fruit & nuts later in the year. Hopefully this will be a year of good fortune for all.

We also got to meet the Faeries of this land.

The Troll Bridge, the KiT made sure she checked the area well. It was empty

It turns out there is a baby Troll, he was very scared & tried to hide by camouflaging himself into the tree.

Well marked out pathways flanked by beautiful Bluebells, the smell was wonderful.

A fallen branch was no match for a Princess

a gateway out into the fields of corn, the views were amazing & the Ogre kept making us stop to take a look, just so we could appreciate the beauty in nature. 

We found a "view point", a bench had been placed just for the 2 legged Ogres to rest.
We met the Bluebell Faeries, they are enjoying the warm weather & are decked out in beautiful new blue dresses

Lastly we found the lake. It was very smelly & green. Both the KiT & myself had a bit of trouble when we fell into the deep end but the Ogre dashed to our rescue & dragged us both to the shore.

We finished our walk & the Ogre gave us a lovely drink of fresh water which was awaiting us in the Chariot.

We did meet several other dogs & their Ogres on our walk, these were all friendly this time.


  1. what a fabulous journey~ thank the fairies and gnomes for protecting it and not allowing any invaders like last time. And have to give it to the Ogre, I am sure she had something to do with the calm and peace. I would have loved to walk with you in real time, but seeing your adventures here has to be good enough~ thanks for sharing your fun. hugs, slobbers, and my love

  2. I LOVE hearing about your adventures. Sometimes I just cant tell who is who when you post your beautiful pictures. thanks for sharing this beautiful majestic spot with all of us. On my bucket list to visit you sometime.