Friday, 8 May 2015

Recovered, just

Well on Sunday we all went for a walk through my Queendom.

It wasn't a good walk. We were attacked. A foreigner came into my Queendom & attempted to take it by force. A massive battle ensued, the KiT exhausted herself & the Ogre had to stand & fight, giving us time to escape. The Ogre was wonderful, she managed to force the intruder out, my Queendom is safe, for now.

Unfortunately the Ogre didn't get a picture, well she was rather occupied.

KiT exhausted
We waited for the Ogre, to make sure she was fine

We carried on with our walk, constantly checking behind us
 We took the long way round to the Unicorn Kingdom, we needed to check on our friends to make sure they were fine & had not been attacked too.

We checked in on our Unicorn friends, KiT keeping watch
Making sure we left little or no scent behind and constantly checking in case we were followed. This is the first time I have been attacked in my own Queendom, it must never happen again. I need to make sure my subjects are safe.


  1. If you need reinforcements I can send some :)

  2. oh no- yes Tony, send reinforcements- the Princess and KiT need to be protected at all costs !!!! smooch