Friday, 1 May 2015

A rare glimpse

Today we went for a walk in my Queendom. I really must remember to make the Ogre bring a picnic & lots of water at some point, then we can stay for much longer.

As it happens we didn't need either this time as we went to the Kingdom of the Dwarves.

They allowed us to take a few pictures of their magical Kingdom but not of themselves, it was lovely to meet with them again & it was very lucky that we slew a Dragon & were able to share it with them.

The KiT with the slain dragon
Dwarf walkways

They have felled some trees to make their pathways & to fuel their furnaces

How beautiful is their magical kingdom

We finished our visit with a quick dip in their lake

1 comment:

  1. oh what a lovely day you had, I would have loved to visit with the dwarves. and to slay a dragon- barktastic 🐶🐶💓💋