Thursday, 21 May 2015

Not exactly Berner weather

It was a bit hot today, we Berners are not really suited to hot weather unless there is a pond, river or lake to swim in.

Today the Ogre took us out to the lowlands, there have been several reports of a Flasher Monster & we needed to check it out.

So off we headed in the chariot.

Can you smell anything? 

I can't see any monsters yet
Hello there stranger, have you seen any monsters lurking about?
Nothing here either

There might be something over that way

I didn't find anything over there

Quick I heard something in this direction

There was nothing there either

It looks like it's all clear, no monsters lurking anywhere
Well we didn't manage to find the Flasher Monster, we must have scared it away.

but we did find lots of bunnies 


  1. Cool and rainy here, not exactly huskerboo weather but at least it's not hot BOL!! Play bows,


  2. bunnies !!!!!!!!! tell mummy she's getting darn good with that camera! hugs to all my loves